Sunday, October 22, 2006

Welcome to my Memoria/ Wind User Interface blog, a skin for Window Blinds 5 and later. Here I'll be showing the progress I am achieving with the skin, and also release some art. If you're a deskmod addict or simply a WB fan, I hope you enjoy the news. :)

Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. I am MiretanK, pleased to meet you. :) I have started my life on deskmodding on about 14 months ago, finally I've got skills enough to paint some visual styles and other eye-candies for Windows XP.

This is not my first visual theme, but this is one is really difficult and will be my first net-worldwide release. I have worked on two Visual Styles last year, the Emutalk VS (a skin in homage to one of the forums I most frequent) and the Dreamcast VS (inspired on Sega Dreamcast console). After that, I've been
also messing with shell hacking, gotta say that I have learned a lot through screwing those dlls up. ^_^

Actually I am making use of Window Blinds 5.1, brilliant skin application, that is allowing me to reach new levels of desktop entertainment. So I decided to work on a skin for it making use of the "Glass" effect, actually brought to popular knowledge by Windows Vista. I am using many of Window Vista resources on this project (my intention with Memoria is to give XP a Vista's dynamic beauty FEEL, not clone ;)) and some hacked Luna resources.

Though it seems to be a very new brand project, it is not. It's first appearance happened at, about some months ago. I had the skin compiled and with few bugs, but I felt like I couldn't release it to public because I used a lot of other skins as my main base [it was based under ClearOne skin, and some of my Acid Perception skin (a hack I made of Longhorn Perception and Lemon Vista)]. So I had to lock up the project and forget about it for months.

Until the day I reinstalled my last compilation and started it all over again...

Well, I can say this is a NEW skin, different from the one I showed on DeviantArt. Just got the initial idea and started it from scratch. With a new and modern look, I bring to you the Memoria skin (also known as Wind User Interface, or simply WUI).

I have always worked with builds, so, I have named the different Memoria' stages with numbers. I will post some of Memoria's bootlegs like old screenshots and resources, I like the idea of betas and stuff.

Today I am working on the 6001 build (I use milestones to count the skin compilations) and decided to show you the results.
Here you go some screens. You can notice bugs, but that's because I am still working on it. Yeah, no idea for launch date yet. But I am doing my best to finish it as soon as possible. ;)


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