Saturday, November 18, 2006

Scenes From a Memoria pt 2


Build 4616 was the last Wind USER Interface I worked on. As I said before, the skin was pretty useable, but I couldn't launch. So gave it up. But before, I still worked on a new concept: the MEDIA Interface. Pretty much a blend of WMP11 with Office 2007, Wind Media Interface (WMI or "Damage UI") was promising. Though only few people have seen it, they liked it very much. Most because the integration Styler Toolbar - Window Blinds I made. Looking the screenshot, you can clearly see the top window frame painted exactly to fit the Styler Toolbar. The Bottom frame also brings resemblance of WMP11 (the shellstyle as well). The "Media" ambient was imminent, so explains the WMI. The Start Button was different, so did the Start Panel.
Wind Media Interface® Codename: Infinitum® build 999?

Fancy and funny but still rude for a Media Interface. The curious thing is that I had labeled it as Build 999x, since it's not a continuation from 4616. That was the last time I touched on Skin Studio. Enough of headache. ;D

Rebirth From A Memory - Starting from scratch_
Months after Memoria's last build, I've decided to open the skin and tweak it. Maybe to finally release it? ;) Also I had decided that I should start with no skins as base, since it'd end in problems. More Vista resources being dumped and posted, the more I got friendly with tools like Photoshop and SkinStudio. That REALLY helped. So, the main concept I had. A new will too. What was I waiting to start? ;D

*New Window Concept No more other author's glass skins, I had to do by my own. Got Vista resources and found a lot of cool things. Why not using them?

The new window top frame border is, definitely, WUI's mark. I got inspiration from Windows Vista's DVDMaker and worked on those frames. Though at first glance, the big glass frame ticked me off, so I literally "painted it black". Memoria 5302 (fun with Longhorn 5203) was looking like that. That was also one of my first wallpapers, it's called "Orion".

Wind User Interface® Codename: Memoria® build 5302

How happy I felt when my window frames worked! Specially the glossy ones (after some heavy struggling with the shadows). Done that, I started to work around again. now with other skin parts, such as (my always beloved [/sarcasm]) Start Panel. And that's when Build 6000 saw the sunlight for the first time.

Wind User Interface® Codename: Memoria® build 6000

*"Staero Lightning"
That was the first substyle for WUI.Wind User Interface® Codename: Memoria® build 6000

Basically I drew it for a new Start Panel, that would remind a lot to Vista (StAERO). Of course I didn't like it, and cut it off from the skin. ;P

It was also when I started to work in icons for Memoria. You can see one I made and used it on AveDesk, on the bottom right of the screen. (Hmm, the girl in the photo brings me memories...)

*Aeth 2.0
The Toolbar also evolved during this process. Not graphically, but also in the interface.

*The Present
Memoria is alive and kicking, I can assure you that. ;) The present is the blog itself, since I've been posting since build 6000. Working actually on build 6900, I'll post more information tomorrow. I really need to sleep now. ^_^
(hurts me to think that it's over now... I miss those times, they way you used to treat me...)

Thanks for reading and sharing with me this nostalgia. :)

But still some of those memories hurts in me.


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